Sadye Mae's Whispers of Love
Debra Bennett - Psychic Pet Reader

Have you ever wished you could communicate with your pet? Do you wonder how your pet is feeling? Would you like to receive answers from your pet across the rainbow bridge? Receive telepathic messages from your beloved pet-present or beyond. Three to five questions per reading plus a message of love from your pet.

I provide a written summary of the reading including the following: Core Essence, Wellness, Answers to Questions, Message to Person. *Not all pets are willing to communicate, but most are!

**Please note that the information I receive comes through my filters and is interpreted as such. Also, animals who have lived with multiple owners and in multiple homes sometimes make reference to these situations.

Payment: Suggested gift donation. Please allow one week for your reading to be completed. No behavior questions, please. Phone 724 244-6217 Email